Erasmus experience at Libertas International University: Nuno Trancoso (Porto, Portugal)

Tell us something about yourself. 

I am Nuno Trancoso from Porto, Portugal, I study at the University of Aveiro (UA-ESTGA) and I was in Zagreb doing the Erasmus Program in the Winter Semester of 2022/2023.

Why did you apply for the Erasmus Plus Program?

I applied to the Erasmus Program to be able to have the experience of living abroad, to know more places and to educate myself. 

How does completing the Erasmus program help contribute to your future plans?

Yes of course. I plan to live and work abroad and this experience was a way to prepare myself for that. I know that the best companies find this ability to get out of our comfort zone very good and I always thought that this experience would be amazing.

How and why did you decide on Libertas International University for your Erasmus+ program? 

In my case was a little different. I applied to the wrong schools by mistake and when the results came back I only had a chance of going to some places, Zagreb amongst them, which I choose without much thinking.

Did you have trouble finding compatible subjects for your Learning Agreement?

No. My university was really helpful in that department and since the beginning of the process always helped me to make sure I had the best Learning Agreement possible.

Did it take you a while to get used to living in Croatia?

The language was the hardest part of course but the people always came across as really helpful and nice. The public transportation was amazing which was good to get to know the city and to understand the culture.

Was it difficult finding an accommodation? It is affordable?

No, it was not. I got the “green card” to come to Zagreb late so I couldn’t go to any student residency because they were already full. I started my search for apartments in September and I only found the apartment that I stayed in the whole semester in the last days of September so I would advise anyone that comes here to start seeing places as early as possible.

Would you recommend Libertas to others and why?

I would recommend Libertas to everyone because they give you space to travel while you are having this experience and they don’t make students do excessive work or tests. The conditions of the university are very good, and everyone seemed receptive and ready to help.

How would you describe the professors and education?

The Professors were very good and always ready to help and the way of teaching was based on consultative classes to take doubts and seminar works.

How would you rate your overall experience?

Overall, the experience was the best that I could ask for, I got good grades, the opportunity to visit other countries, and the opportunity to make new friends. Living in Croatia was amazing it was a very safe city and it was very nice to have that in the nightlife. The city was beautiful to visit and all the Erasmus people made my experience unique.

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