Physical therapy

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    univ. bacc. physioth.


The undergraduate programme is designed precisely to allow students to balance the practical and theoretical knowledge in physiotherapy. Undergraduate physiotherapy students are preparing for a career in private, public, government and nonprofit sectors that all require knowledge and application of physical therapy. The purpose of the programme is to train physiotherapists as experts who will be able to independently manage the physiotherapy process, including their participation in team work (multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary). Through the implementation of the programme, participants will be able to evaluate, plan, intervene and measure the effect of interventions in the field of physiotherapy, including documentation on prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, as well as advancement in the profession (development of clinical, managerial, educational, advisory and research roles).

The study programme provides insight into contemporary physiotherapy concepts, with an emphasis on individualization and integrity of approaches in the implementation of therapeutic procedures. The Physiotherapy study programme provides the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills related to the assessment of the condition, the setting of goals and the preparation of a therapy programme in accordance with the age, needs and dysfunctions of persons who need physiotherapy. The programme includes professional methods of therapeutic exercises, manual therapy procedures, electrotherapy, mechanical procedures, respiratory physiotherapy, various tools, prostheses, orthoses, protective and support devices and equipment. An important element in this study programme is the orientation to individualised approach in programming and implementation of physiotherapeutic procedures with continuous evaluation of results. Furthermore, this study programme is aimed at involving physiotherapists in a team and integrated health care, social welfare and rehabilitation process in line with World Health Organization recommendations.

Physiotherapy is nowadays applied in almost all clinical areas. Therefore, a physiotherapist is a regular member of professional medical teams in orthopedics, rheumatology, neurology, cardiology, pulmonology, pediatrics, surgery and traumatology, oncology, gynecology and maternity and sports medicine. Also, physiotherapy is a leading activity in special hospitals for rehabilitation and rehabilitation centers. The role of a physiotherapist has also been recognized in home care institutions, social welfare institutions and retirement homes. Recently, physiotherapy has been introduced in the field of health tourism, and it has great significance in sports clubs. Physiotherapy is also a component of many health promotion and disease prevention programmes in the field of public health.
Location: Zagreb – classes taught in Croatian


Download the list of compulsory and elective courses and / or modules of the graduate study of Physical therapy here.


Admission to undergraduate study programmes

Full time study – Academic year 2021/2022

Apply to International Relations and Diplomacy study program – Dubrovnik – Study program entirely in English
Apply to International Business study program – Dubrovnik – Study program entirely in English

All applicants who have completed secondary education are eligible to apply for our undergraduate programs. In addition, the following categories are entitled to enrolment:

  • Applicants from Croatia over the age of 24 (who did not complete state graduation exam)
  • Applicants enrolled (or who were enrolled in the past) in some other institution of higher education

Required application materials:
High school transcripts
State graduation exam certificate for Croatian students (original or a certified copy – if taken )
Certificate of nationality or other relevant document proving nationality (original or a certified copy)
Birth certificate (original or a certified copy)
Photo for a student transcript book (4×6 cm)
Photo for the Register of Students (4×3 cm)
Certification of payment of a non-refundable enrolment fee
*Note: Upon submitting application materials, applicants may be invited for an interview.


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93% of our graduates are employed!

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According to data from the Croatian Employment Service by the end of December, 2018 out of 4,030 persons who graduated from Libertas only 283 were seeking employment through the Service.

  • Start your career:

    • in the private, public, government and non-profit sector that demand the knowledge and application of physical therapy
    • in areas of health enhancement and disease prevention, illness treatment and rehabilitation, adhering to the ethical standards of medical profession and practice based on scientific evidence
    • by doing research, monitoring and participating in physiotherapy and continuously enhancing your knowledge and skills in accordance with professional innovations
    • by evaluating, planning, intervening and measuring intervention effects in the field of physiotherapy, including documenting prevention, treatment, habilitation and rehabilitation as well as advancing the profession by developing clinical, managerial, educational, consulting and research roles