International Business

Why study?

  • Trading makes the world go round

    International business success is founded on collaboration between business entities that offer their products and services worldwide, with the purpose of enhancing the quality of life of a vast number of people. Do you have an idea on how you could contribute? Come and study the world with us. Become successful!

  • New opportunities for Croatia

    They say that the export of goods and services will make Croatia wealthy and prosperous. Do you know what the world really needs? Do we have it? Can we produce it? Join us and find out. Don’t leave this opportunity to others!

  • Become part of the success – today!

    Seek answers to these and other questions in the company of those who strive to succeed, just like you do! Use the opportunities we offer or create your own, which will make you happy and independent. We make it easier!

Sveučilište Libertas - Međunarodno poslovanje

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    University study programme

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    Full time: September

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    Part time: February

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    Where? Zagreb!

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    6 semesters / 3 years

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    180 ECTS

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    7.000 €

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    univ. bacc. oec.


The knowledge necessary to conduct business in these new, global markets is missing in the labor markets of Eastern, Southern, and Southeastern Europe. A very small fraction of people in the labor market is focused on international business. The Libertas International Business and Economics undergraduate programme focuses on providing students with the knowledge and skills essential in international markets, thereby responding to the specific needs of firms dealing with international business and trade. The programme is envisioned as combining theoretical understanding with practical knowledge, so that the education gained can be applied to professional challenges in international business and trade. Graduates of the programme will be equipped to work for firms dealing with international business, institutions dealing with analysis and consulting in international economic affairs, as well as state and international organisations focused on the international economy (particularly the WTO and the EU).

Rather than focusing on a specific skill or an aspect of international business, Libertas offers a programme that is like no other in the region, as it gives its students a possibility to study international business in an interesting, interactive and flexible environment. The main focus of this programme is to prepare students to succeed in the global market by increasing the competitiveness of their firms and national economies, and to provide them with the right tools that will help them shape their future careers in international organisations and private sector firms.

Where: Dubrovnik campus – classes taught in English, Zagreb campus – classes taught in Croatian


Download the list of compulsory and elective courses and / or modules of the undergraduate study of International Business here.

Learning outcomes

LO 1 concisely present attitudes, knowledge, ideas, problems and solutions supported by arguments

LO 2 estimate economic business activity analysis

LO 3 recommend and evaluate written forms in business and academic activity

LO 4 predict and assess models of descriptive and inferential statistics

LO 5 revise current political issues and valorise the religious context

LO 6 apply principles of written and oral written communication in various business situations

LO 7 rank the historical continuity of civilisations and key aspects of diplomacy

LO 8 assess and interpret financial reports and microeconomic instruments

LO 9 valorise competitiveness and rank the price structure of goods and services on the market

LO 10 revise the macroeconomic environment with monetary and fiscal conditions

LO 11 assess a company’s structuring of liabilities and assets and investment projects

LO 12 judge the interaction of domestic and international capital markets

LO 13 estimate and rank tax conditions in international competitive environment

LO 14 recommend standards and instruments of payment in international and domestic commodities market

LO 15 critically evaluate the legal position of business subjects

LO 16 valorise the endogenous and exogenous variables in econometric panels

LO 17 recommend research areas and models in international business


Admission to undergraduate study programmes

Full time study
Apply to International Relations and Diplomacy study program – Dubrovnik – Study program entirely in English
Apply to International Business study program – Dubrovnik – Study program entirely in English

All applicants who have completed secondary education are eligible to apply for our undergraduate programs. In addition, the following categories are entitled to enrolment:

  • Applicants from Croatia over the age of 24 (who did not complete state graduation exam)
  • Applicants enrolled (or who were enrolled in the past) in some other institution of higher education

Required application materials:
High school transcripts
State graduation exam certificate for Croatian students (original or a certified copy – if taken )
Certificate of nationality or other relevant document proving nationality (original or a certified copy)
Birth certificate (original or a certified copy)
Photo for a student transcript book (4x6 cm)
Photo for the Register of Students (4x3 cm)
Certification of payment of a non-refundable enrolment fee
*Note: Upon submitting application materials, applicants may be invited for an interview.


  • Career Center

    For all information about study programmes and admissions please contact:

    Contact Career Center!
  • Student Services Zagreb

    Contact for students and faculties:

    Contact Student Services Zagreb!

93% of our graduates are employed!

94% studenata zaposleno

According to data from the Croatian Employment Service by the end of December, 2018 out of 4,030 persons who graduated from Libertas only 283 were seeking employment through the Service.

  • Start your career:

    • Companies specialized in international trade and finance
    • Institutions specialized in international business analysis and consultancy
    • Governmental bodies dealing with international economic relations
    • Domestic and international trade
    • Chambers of commerce
    • Ministries’ departments dealing with international business
    • International economic, trade and financial organizations
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