Why study?

  • Acting study progamme as a school for life

    The Acting study programme prepares young people for life, developing independence and confidence. It encourages them to freely express themselves and assume the role of a leader, insisting on realization of their own ideas. It inspires them to develop their talent, providing them with competences and tools with which to achieve their fullest potential.

  • A team made up of great artists and experts

    The main courses (Acting, Speech and Stage Movement) are headed by three national champions of the Republic of Croatia, which affirms the careful selection of teachers and mentors. A team of distinguished artists and experts in film and performing arts, literature and philosophy provides a personalized approach to each student and time for individual development.

  • The future lies in the cultural and creative industries

    Cultural and creative industries have proven an impressive economic value and resilience to the economic crisis, clearly exhibiting growth even in crisis. They generate over HRK 15 billion of annual revenue and employ over 42 thousand people. It is noteworthy that over 19% of employees in the sector are young people.

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    University study programme

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    Full time: September

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    Where? Zagreb!

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    6 semesters / 3 years

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    180 ECTS

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    univ. bacc. art.


It’s more than acting! The power of words does not lie solely in their meanings but is hidden in their sounds, accents and the quantitative dimension of words and sentences. By acquiring the needed knowledge and skills students will communicate more skilfully and address their target audience more efficiently. This course offers knowledge and skills necessary not only for people who would like to start a career in acting, but also for those whose professional life will be connected with politics, diplomacy, journalism, broadcast presenting, media relations and business communication in general.

The teaching staff of the Acting study programme involves top experts such as Želimir Mesarić, Zlatko Sviben, Almira Osmanović, Branka Cvitković, Dragan Despot, and Žarko Potočnjak. It is not enough to have enthusiasm and talent; future actors also need other skills that can be mastered in acting classes at Libertas. First, they will study acting, which includes speech and movement as the main elements actors use to express themselves on the stage. Next, actors should also possess a basic knowledge of music in order to be able to meet the demands of a play, such as singing or playing an instrument. In order to be able to work on the texts from different historical and stylistic periods, students will be provided with an insight into the history of drama and theatre, and the analysis of dramatic texts. As the theatre is a living and dynamic organism, students will also need to gain an understanding of theatre work organisation. Through all this, the study will enable every student to develop a complete and versatile personality as an actor.

Upon completion of the study programme, students will be able to choose a medium that best suits their needs, and where they can fully express their artistic talents.

Admission is 50.000 KN per year.

Where: Zagreb


Download the list of compulsory and elective courses and / or modules here. nastavni plan i program

Learning outcomes

LO 1 Assess specific ways of approaching a drama text by using drama terminology in theory and practice

LO 2 Relate and demonstrate understanding of drama texts in cultural-historic circumstances of their creation as well as evaluate their contemporary interpretation

LO 3 Present fundamental knowledge and ideas on phonetics and evaluate the functioning of speech organs and auditive perception

LO 4 Assess spoken errors and need for independent correction

LO 5 Justify fundamental theoretical knowledge in the area of music and approaches to the acquisition of theatre roles from the aspect of music

LO 6 Creatively respond to partner impulses on stage and use body mime, gestures, voice and speech to illustrate the basic characteristics of the role they are playing

LO 7 Recognise and analyse the circumstances and constructively and sensitively respond to the work of others as well as adapt during the work on a play

LO 8 Assess various theatre elements such as text, performer, space, structure of the performance, production and the like

LO 9 Use Croatian pronunciation norms, pronunciation description, its recognition and writing

LO 10 Analyse and support different literary forms that were created in Greece and demonstrate comprehension of their interrelatedness

LO 11 Valorise works of Greek, Roman and medieval literature and relate the changes of individual literary period

LO 12 Assess the periods of theatre literature, valorise theatre development and revise the variety of its appearances and changes it was subject to

LO 13 Articulate the basic use of voice and approach the formation of their first theatre roles by applying various speech techniques, skills and tools

LO 14 Demonstrate basic acrobatic elements and partner balances and acquire the basic mimicry techniques in the form of an etude

LO 15 Articulate acting motives in movement and present a short combination of acrobatic elements in a mimicry etude

LO 16 Predict their imaginative process and use adequate body responses in a live partnership in contact improvisation

LO 17 Apply communication skills, demonstrate understanding, reiterate and accurately pronounce English language on stage and film, and assess accents and dialects

LO 18 Evaluate the importance and functions of identity concepts and formulate attitudes in issues of culture and multiculturalism as determinants of man and society



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93% of our graduates are employed!

94% studenata zaposleno

According to data from the Croatian Employment Service by the end of December, 2018 out of 4,030 persons who graduated from Libertas only 283 were seeking employment through the Service.


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