Business Security Management

Why study?

  • A global network

    Networks of modern roads, airports, financial transaction channels, commodity transport, service market, migration of people, information systems – the world is connected today more than ever before, with almost uncountable interactions.

  • Get organised

    One of the key challenges of modern economy is to organise and protect business, people and systems in the conditions of exposure of business network systems.

  • Be the pillar

    Focus, composure and competence in all types of crisis management are the main objectives of the study programme of Business Security Management. Become the backbone of companies that face challenges of setting up business network systems.
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    Professional study

  • 100

    Full time: September

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    Part time: September

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    Where? Zagreb!

  • 100

    6 semesters / 3 years

  • 100

    180 ECTS

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    7.000 €

  • 100

    bacc. ing.


The study programmeme in Business Security Management has been designed in cooperation with Sigurnost Educa, a private educational institution which offers programmemes and training in security and protection.

This study programmeme provides education for future professionals in security and protection, primarily in business, but also in other areas. This type of study programmeme is designed for future professionals who will manage private protection, start their own security companies, work in companies that develop security systems for their clients or provide consultancy, and for all security and protection professionals.

Upon completion of the study programmeme in Business Security Management, students will have expertise in the fields of technical science needed for their professional career, be familiar with the fundamentals of science and humanities, and possess skills and competence that will help them find jobs more easily and choose between various types of jobs.

Where: Zagreb campus – classes taught in Croatian


Download the list of compulsory and elective courses and / or modules of the undergraduate study of Business Security Management here.


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93% of our graduates are employed!

94% studenata zaposleno

According to data from the Croatian Employment Service by the end of December, 2018 out of 4,030 persons who graduated from Libertas only 283 were seeking employment through the Service.


  • Start your career:

    • Senior associate expert in security and protection in government institutions,
    • Associate expert in security and protection in government institutions,
    • Senior administrative assistant in security and protection in government institutions,
    • Advisor for IT security,
    • Head of security in shipping companies,
    • Head of security in harbours,
    • Associate expert in security consultancy companies,
    • Chief Security Officer in the Business Security, Corporate Security and Integral Security Departments in privately and publicly owned companies,
    • Corporate security advisor in companies,
    • Environmental protection advisor,
    • Head of private secturity services,
    • Head of technical protection services,
    • Head of security and protection systems planning in planning offices,
    • Head of security and protection supervision in privately and publicly owned companies and public institutions,