Business Economics

Why study?

  • Start your own business!

    Upon completion of the professional study programme of Business Economics you will acquire competences, providing you with much more than fast employment. We are catering to your goal to start your own business and be your own boss. The fundamental knowledge you will gain in economics are practical and market-oriented and they cover an entire range of economic demands.

  • Learn from the best

    This study programme will not „tire“ you with a vast number of practically unusable factual knowledge, but insists on applying theory to practice based on real business models. This is achieved by our professors, who are highly skilled managers and who strive to transfer their knowledge, experience and passion onto their students.

  • Develop your own career

    We are not sometimes aware of our own potentials. The study programme of Business Economics will help you discover and develop your own passion and direct you towards a business that will meet your personal satisfaction goals. Be a part of the team and lead your own team!

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    Professional study

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    Full time: February / September

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    Part time: February / September

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    Where? Zagreb, Kutina!

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    6 semesters / 3 years

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    180 ECTS

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    7.000 €

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The study programmeme in Business Economics offers high quality professional education in all areas of business economics, and helps students develop skills and abilities through real-world examples of different business issues, practical classes, and project work. In the course of their studies, students will acquire knowledge that meets the needs of the contemporary economy, and the expertise that provides competitive advantage that will help them find jobs easily.

Entrepreneurship is the moving force of every economy and every company. At the same time it is a possible career choice. For this reason, our three-year study programmeme provides an examination of different aspects and features of successful entrepreneurship. At the beginning, the course familiarise students with some basic concepts of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs. Next, students’ knowledge will be expanded with comprehensive examination of all busines areas and disciplines in modern business. Students will gain knowledge and skills in finance, accounting, marketing, sales, purchasing, logistics, and master key menagerial functions necessary for the management of small, medium and big companies, or non-profit organisations.

A three-year study programmeme in Business Economics provides an excellent foundation for further education in graduate study programmemes, particularly in Management in International and Domestic Trade, and Banking, Insurance and Financial Management.

Where: Zagreb, Kutina – classes taught in Croatian


  • 1st year
    1st semester (winter)
    Economics Basics I30307
    Accounting Basics I30307
    Accounting Basics I30306
    Business IT30305
    Business Communication30305
    TOTAL IN 1st SEMESTER15015030
    2nd semester (summer)
    Economics Basics II30307
    Accounting Basics II30307
    Basics of Statistics30306
    Basics of Entrepreneurship30305
    Business English I30305
    TOTAL IN 2nd SEMESTER15015030
    TOTAL IN 1st YEAR30030060
  • 2nd year
    3rd semester (winter)
    Commercial and Labour Law30305
    Corporate Finance30307
    Business English II30305
    TOTAL IN 3rd SEMESTER15015030
    4th semester (summer)
    Tax System and its Application30307
    Elective course 2-130305
    Elective course 2-230305
    Seminar paper I1
    TOTAL IN 4th SEMESTER15015030
    TOTAL IN 2nd YEAR30030060
    NOTE: In the 4th semester, students take two (2) out of four (4) elective courses offered
    Elective courses in the 4th semester (listed alphabetically):
    EU Economics and Policy30305
    Human Resources Management30305
    Basics and Techniques of Insurance30305
    Business Negotiations30305
3rd year
5th semester (winter)
Business Planning and Analyses30306
International Trade30306
Securities Trading30306
Business Logistics, Transport and Forwarding30306
6th semester (summer)
Elective course 3-130305
Elective course 3-230305
Elective course 3-330305
Professional practice5
Seminar paper II1
Graduation thesis9
TOTAL IN 3rd YEAR24024060
NOTE: In the 6th semester, students take three (3) out of seven (7) elective courses offered
Elective courses in the 6th semester (listed alphabetically):
Marketing Communications Management30305
Small Enterprise Management30305
Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurship30305
Business Information30305
Competitiveness Strategies30305
Management Accounting30305
Quality Management and Merchandising30305


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95% of our graduates are employed!

94% studenata zaposleno

According to data from the Croatian Employment Service by the end of December, 2016 out of 3,062 persons who graduated from Libertas only 160 were seeking employment through the Service.


  • Start your career:

    • Generating business ideas, founding and managing their own businesses,
    • Purchasing, sales and storage in all types of companies, including companies dealing with domestic and international trade, and institutions,
    • Sales agents in specialized travel agencies and/or agencies dealing with domestic and international transport,
    • All types of banking services in banks, savings banks, brokerages, investment consulting, and other financial institutions,
    • All types of insurance in insurance companies, and insurance in other types of companies and institutions,
    • All types of services in accounting and finance, both in companies and various institutions,