Quality Management in Healthcare


The university postgraduate study programme in Quality Management in Healthcare integrates all the aspects of quality and safety assurance in the healthcare system and in its components. The quality of medical interventions and patient safety have become important factors in healthcare due to considerable advances in new technologies and the need to use them rationally and safely.

The postgraduate study programme introduces students to the biggest global health issues, ways to organize healthcare institutions, and to set up efficient quality management systems in particular, in all areas of healthcare. Students will learn how to develop and introduce measures aiming at improving the quality and the process of accreditation of healthcare institutions. Elective courses further expand students’ understanding of change management, human resources management, strategic and financial management, and quality management in specific new areas of medicine and healthcare such as personalized medicine, pharmacoeconomics and pharmacogenomics. The study is designed for healthcare and non-healthcare professionals holding a graduate degree who are preparing for a career in quality and safety management, research, or leading positions in healthcare institutions, agencies or institutions responsible for creating healthcare policies.

The study programme is harmonized with the principles and directions for higher education in the European Union countries, providing its students with vertical and horizontal mobility opportunities in other study programmes in Croatia and the EU.

Upon completition of the postgraduate study programme students will be able to:

  • understand the most im portant healthcare issues and the organisation of healthcare systems at the global and local levels
  • use theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to establish a quality management system in healthcare
    implement key quality management processes
  • carry out internal and external quality assessments and manage accreditation processes in healthcare sector
  • evaluate healthcare technologies and conduct quality assessment in the healthcare sector
  • use their competences to manage change, understand and use methods important for planning, conducting and evaluating scientific research
  • effectively promote the quality culture and patient safety
  • establish, manage and develop a quality assurance system in healthcare institutions, agencies and administration responsible for the healthcare system.

Duration of the program is one year (two semesters). Program is worth 60ECTS points and upon completion, students are awarded with the title master of quality management in healthcare (univ. mag. admin.sanit.)

The list of mandatory and elective courses and modules, including the number of lecture hours and ECTS points can be found here.


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