Business Economics and Globalisation

New university graduate study programme

in 2017/2018

Applications ongoing

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    University study programme

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    Full time: September / February

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    Part time: September / February

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    Where? Zagreb!

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    4 semesters / 2 years

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    120 ECTS

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    7.000 €

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    Master of Economics


In countries around the world, the development of the economy is based on creativity, innovation and co-operation. The globalization of the world economy, processes and trends in international economy requires new innovative ways of solving economic tasks and problems. Based on these facts, the intention of this study program is to create a new generation of modern experts armed with new knowledge, skills and competences through specialized subjects and a teaching process that enables the development of an international global economy that will just focus on the necessary knowledge and skills. Studying at this kind of programme provides a versatile set of modern specialist skills and competencies. The Graduate Programme enables students to acquire knowledge from recognized and respected professors from Croatia and all around the world, as well as make contact with recognized economic experts.

By completing a master’s degree programme, the students gain the advanced tools needed for applying their knowledge and are enabled to comprehensively analyse and solve the real problems they face in carrying out their everyday tasks.

The new study programme commences in the academic year 2017/2018.
Where: Zagreb – classes taught in Croatian


Download the list of compulsory and elective courses and / or modules of the graduate study of Business Economics and Globalization here.


Full time study

Apply to Business Economics and Globalisation study program

All applicants who have completed undergraduate education are eligible to apply for our graduate program.
Required application materials:
Undergraduate studies diploma (original or a certified copy)
Transcript of records (original or a certified copy)
Certificate of nationality (original or a certified copy)
Birth certificate (original or a certified copy)
Copy of a passport (for international students)
Photo for a student transcript book (4×6 cm)
Photo for the Register of Students (4×3 cm)
Certification of payment of a non-refundable enrolment fee

*Note: Upon submitting application materials, applicants may be invited for an interview.


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93% of our graduates are employed!

94% studenata zaposleno

According to data from the Croatian Employment Service by the end of December, 2018 out of 4,030 persons who graduated from Libertas only 283 were seeking employment through the Service.

  • Start your career:

      • within nearly all segments of corporate, public, business, administrative-technological and
        managerial functions, such as strategy, finance and accounting, IT, marketing, planning, commerce,
        organisation and human resource management.
    • – in both private and public companies and institutions, within a wide range of economic
      disciplines, for which this study programme offers a large scope of diverse business competencies.