Tourism and Hotel Management

Why study?

  • Fastest growing sector in Croatia

    The service industry is the fastest growing sector in Croatia. Zadar has been voted the Best European Destination in 2016! Zagreb features the best Advent fair in Europe! Rijeka has been named the European Capital of Culture 2020! Make your place of residence the next top destination! Study tourism and discover how!

  • Enjoy travelling?

    Statistics show that only few people enjoy their line of work. Tourism is not only a job, it’s a passion leading you to new destinations and bringing new people to your destination. Working in tourism is a journey of always uncovering new landscapes.

  • It’s a good job

    You will meet new people, discover new destinations, acquire new customs, achieve plans that have so far just been a projection on your computer – and all this in a sector with a continuous growth trend. If that isn’t a good job… (we don’t know what is).
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    Professional study

  • 100

    Full time: February

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    Part time: February

  • 100

    Where? Zagreb!

  • 100

    4 semesters/ 2 years

  • 100

    120 ECTS

  • 100

    7.000 €

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The study programmeme enables students to continue their education and specialisation after receiving their Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Hotel Management professional undergraduate study programmeme from the Libertas Business School, or in other related undergraduate professional study programmemes from other higher education institutions.

The specialist graduate study programmeme completes the global and local image of the surrounding in which tourism traffic takes place and related economic sectors are developed.

The students are competent in organisation, preparation, planning and managing in the field of tourism and hospitality.

Where: Zagreb campus – classes taught in Croatian


  • 1st year
    1st semester (winter)
    History of Global Tourism 30 30 7
    Media and Tourism 30 30 7
    Safety Aspects in Tourism 30 30 6
    Globalization in Tourism 30 30 6
    Cultures in the Language of Tourism_English 30 30 2
    Cultures in the Language of Tourism_German 30 30 2
    TOTAL IN 1st SEMESTER 180 180 30
    2nd semester (summer)
    PR in Tourism 30 30 7
    Business Planning in Tourism 30 30 7
    Passenger Transport Business 30 30 6
    Negotiation Techniques in Tourism 30 30 6
    Cultures in the Language of Tourism – English 30 30 2
    Cultures in the Language of Tourism – German 30 30 2
    TOTAL IN 2nd SEMESTER 180 180 30
    TOTAL IN 1st YEAR 360 360 60
  • 2nd year
    3rd semester (winter)
    European Union System and Politics 30 30 9
    Croatian Tax System and Tourism 30 30 9
    Tourism and Health 30 30 9
    Language of Tourism through Media – English 30 30 6
    Language of Tourism through Media – German 30 30 6
    TOTAL IN 3rd SEMESTER 150 150 39
    4th semester (summer)
    Introduction to the Research Methodology 30 30 5
    Graduate thesis 30 30 16
    TOTAL IN 4th SEMESTER 60 60 21
    TOTAL IN 2nd YEAR 210 210 60

Learning outcomes

LO 1 concisely present attitudes, knowledge, ideas, problems and solutions supported by arguments

LO 2 relate the history of the tourism market with future tourism and economic development

LO 3 develop and maintain an active interaction between the media and tourism activity

LO 4 estimate the positive and negative effects of globalisation on tourism

LO 5 construct a secure organisation and maintain the competitive advantage of the tourism market

LO 6 develop oral and written discourse corresponding to media usage in tourism in a foreign language

LO 7 create and apply effective tools in public communication

LO 8 recommend business plans and managerial principles in achieving plans in tourism

LO 9 develop and relate principles of political and economic system functioning in the EU

LO 10 integrate the existing tax systems and tax liability management within the EU and Croatia

LO 11 create the concept of health tourism and tourism destination

LO 12 organise and create different methods of independent research

LO 13 plan and develop a business unit in passenger transport

LO 14 develop effective methods of negotiation and presentation in tourism

LO 15 relate historical, cultural and economic characteristics with a sustainable development of a tourism destination

Admission / Upisne informacije

*Study program taught entirely in Croatian – Zagreb

All applicants who have completed undergraduate education are eligible to apply for our graduate program.

Required application materials:

  • Undergraduate studies diploma (original or a certified copy)
  • Transcript of records (original or a certified copy)
  • Certificate of nationality (original or a certified copy)
  • Birth certificate (original or a certified copy)
  • Copy of a passport (for international students)
  • Photo for a student transcript book (4×6 cm)
  • Photo for the Register of Students (4×3 cm)
  • Certification of payment of a non-refundable enrolment fee

*Note: Upon submitting application materials, applicants may be invited for an interview.

Upisne informacije

A) Uvjeti upisa

završen stručni studij ili preddiplomski sveučilišni studij i ostvareno najmanje 180 ECTS bodova, ili dodiplomski studij u trajanju od najmanje 3 godine, postignut prosjek ocjena na prethodno završenom studiju od najmanje 3,50 (ako je prosjek ocjena manji od 3,50 potrebna je preporuka dva nastavnika visokog učilišta kod kojih je kandidat ostvario zapažen uspjeh na studiju).
B) Izborni postupak za upis kandidata:

Izborni postupak sastoji se od vrednovanja uspjeha na prethodno završenom studiju. Uspjeh se vrednuje na osnovi prosječne ocjene svih položenih ispita na studiju uključivo i ocjenu završnog/diplomskog rada.
Upisni postupak provodit će se dok se ne popune sva slobodna mjesta na studiju. Natječaj je otvoren do konačne popunjenosti predviđenog broja mjesta.
C) Prijave za upis i upisni postupak:

Obrazac prijave kandidati ispunjavaju na web stranici Libertas međunarodnog sveučilišta. Nakon evidencije uplate upisne rate na osobnom web portalu studenta pojavit će se tekst Ugovora o obrazovanju i plaćanju školarine s uputama za njegovo ispunjavanje i predaju.

1. Ispuniti prijavu na odabrani diplomski studij
2. Upiši studij – prije upisnog postupka potrebno je uplatiti upisnu ratu u iznosu 2.500,00 HRK (upisna rata je uključena u cijenu školarine) te s upisnom dokumentacijom pristupiti upisu u Studentskoj referadi.

Prilikom upisa u Studentskoj referadi potrebno je priložiti:

  • diploma – izvornik ili ovjerenu kopiju,
  • prijepis ocjena s prethodnog fakulteta – izvornik ili ovjerenu kopiju,
  • domovnicu ili drugi odgovarajući dokaz o državljanstvu – izvornik ili ovjerenu kopiju /e-matica,
  • izvod iz matične knjige rođenih – izvornik ili ovjerenu kopiju/e-matica,
  • dvije fotografije za matičnu knjigu studenata formata 4×3,
  • potvrdu o uplati nepovratne upisne rate u iznosu od 2.500,00 HRK (upisna rata ulazi u cijenu godišnje školarine).

Upisni troškovi u visini od 100,00 € dospijevaju nakon predaje Ugovora o obrazovanju i plaćanju školarine. Upisni troškovi uključuju sve administrativne troškove upisa poput studentske iskaznice, obrazaca i ostale dokumentacije.



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  • Student Services Zagreb

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97% of our graduates are employed!

94% studenata zaposleno

According to data from the Croatian Employment Service by the end of December, 2023. out of 6.868 persons who graduated from Libertas only 217 were seeking employment through the Service.

  • Start your career:

    • management jobs in tourism and hospitality,
    • jobs related to strategic planning in promotion of the Croatian tourism product,
    • higher responsibility jobs in the private and public sector and professional associations associated with tourism and hospitality,
    • jobs related to destination marketing and management,
    • jobs in human resource management and in tourism destination administration, organisations aimed at entertainment, sports and recreation, culture and other jobs within a tourism destination and hospitality facilities,
    • jobs in organisation and management of business processes in tourism for the needs of public administration, tourism boards, local administration, ministry and related public and private institutions.