Our students won the first place at Case Study Competition 2019.!

Case Study Competition is the leading regional competition in solving real business cases with which an enterprise has met or predicts to meet and is intended for students of various interests. It is held annually in the organization of the Student Association e-Student, and the Libertas students have already tried several times in the competition and achieved excellent results. For example, in 2013, a group of Libertas students won first place with a case study by the Zagrebačka banka. This year, the first place goes back to the hands of Libertas students, to be precise – Dobrivoj Dakić’s, Gustav Herceg’s, Dominik Mandarić’s and Karlo Osman’s hand, who suggested an innovative idea for case study at Privredna banka Zagreb, while colleague Dominik Mandarić and Karlo Osman together with a colleague from the University in Osijek, won another first place for the L’Oreal case study. Libertas international university is grateful for the top results of proactive and ambitious students who prove that investment in personal growth is always worth it!

Rector of Libertas University professor Duško Pavlović, PhD. invited students to his office to congratulate them on the first place. With an exceptionally proud of proactive, valuable and ambitious students, Rector has given each of the them an acknowledgment that will not only be a reminder to the students but also a reminder in the future in recruiting or advancing in the career. The first place in the Case Study Competition is truly a prestigious success for our students who have been delighted by the jury with their innovative technology solution for the Privredna banka Zagreb and demonstrated that each engagement always pays and benefits in the future.

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