Libertas University Students, Recipients of State Scholarships

The Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia has awarded state-sponsored scholarships this year to full-time students enrolled in higher education institutions in Croatia to undergraduate university programs, integrated undergraduate and graduate university programs and undergraduate professional programs within STEM scientific fields. STEM disciplines comprise study programs in the area of biotechnology, technology, biomedicine, natural science, and interdisciplinary science, as well as study programs awarding the academic or professional title of Bachelor of Informatics, Business Informatics, Information Technology, and Information Science.

The scholarship funds are ensured through the project „Provision of scholarships to students in priority areas (STEM)“ of the Operational Programme Efficient Human Resources 2014 – 2020. The problem of a strong prevalence of persons with a degree in social sciences has been recognized; therefore, students are directed towards study programs that have the highest potential of generating economic growth in Croatia, by encouraging structural alignment of education and qualifications with the needs on the labor market and employment of graduates.

Among the recipients of STEM scholarships, there are two students from Libertas University, Marijana Blagaić, and Lovre Tandara, both at the undergraduate university study program of Physical Therapy of the Faculty of Health Sciences.

“Winning this year’s STEM scholarship is proof that hard work is applied and rewarded. Any support is valuable when it is invested in the knowledge of young people. I am overjoyed that I am the recipient of the scholarship because I plan to continue my education, and it will be easier for me with this scholarship. Of course, by winning I got even more motivation to be a great student and I will try to achieve even greater success in completing my years of education.“- Marijana Blagaić

“The STEM scholarship has allowed me to spend more time studying and less time worrying about finances. This is a great opportunity to showcase my opportunities while also facilitating my student life. ”- Lovre Tandara

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