Libertas University opens its teaching base – Le Premier boutique hotel

Libertas University is taking the tourism offer of the City of Zagreb to the next level by opening a new luxurious boutique hotel, Le Premier. The significance of this hotel is evidenced by the attendance of several distinguished guests at the opening ceremony, which was held by the Mayor of Zagreb, Mr. Milan Bandić.


Libertas University is the main hotel investor, with the purpose of providing a teaching base for its students’ practicum in the hotel, which might be the best possible reference for them in the tourism and hospitality segment. Upon completion of practicum, our students will have gained a complete insight and experience in hotel operations and management, which will undoubtedly make them more competitive in the labour market. This unique studying opportunity is unparalleled in the Republic of Croatia. Besides our own consideration, Le Premier Hotel draws attention from a plethora of distinguished persons in the economic sector, due to its conceptualisation as a keeper of charm and exclusivity of the centre of Zagreb along with providing its guests with the highest quality of hospitality and comfort. According to the idea and words of Nataša Ostojić, the executive head of the project, who has contributed to the interior décor of the hotel together with the food and beverage manager, Stefano Cosattini, the hotel has constantly been raising the bar of standard since its conceptualisation, which is illustrated by its upgraded rating from four to five stars.

The hotel features 62 immaculately designed rooms in the art-deco style and a presidential suite. Guests from around the globe will have a choice of five different accommodation types and enjoy in the vast array of modern hotel amenities and services.

Le Premier boutique hotel as the hub of gastrological offer – signature dishes by a two-time Michelin star winner, enviable wine list and globally renowned cognac, whiskey and gin…

A distinguished chef with a résumé of Stefano Cosattini guarantees high-end gastronomy, which is confirmed by the two Michelin stars he is the proud holder of. Stefano will base the hotel menu on mainly Mediterranean cuisine, paying special attention to the blend of gastronomy and oenology. The enviable wine list including selected Croatian sorts as well as the offer of globally renowned beverages will leave little to be desired. Stefano’s signature dishes may be enjoyed by all guests in the elegant glass garden. Guests will also be thrilled to encounter another special amenity of the hotel – an exclusive cigar club, featuring the finest selection of cigars, including the highly desirable Cubans.

Business and cooperation meeting point

With the evident possibility of the use of hotel amenities and services, Le Premier also boasts a singular business centre featuring high technology devices for presentations and communication. However, the business concept of the hotel does not only offer the provision of high-quality service of organising events and leasing space for various business venues, it also provides a connection with the most popular Croatian private high education institution – Libertas International University. At the grand opening of the hotel, the Rector of the University, professor Duško Pavlović, PhD, confirmed in his speech, the significance of connecting Le Premier Hotel with Libertas University, i.e. the significance of a unique platform for tourism and business for a modern University, for Le Premier and the City of Zagreb.

Le Premier as a place of sophisticated contentment

Le Premier’s amenities include a spa and wellness centre, the offer of which is still being planned in detail in order to provide innovative relaxation treatments in the market. The extent to which the style of the hotel and the attention to detail are important to Ms. Ostojić and the hotel director, Ms. Langus is illustrated by the special edition of hotel cosmetics and toiletries, represented by the „hotel perfume“, a specially designed fragrance by perfumer Lorenzo Dante Ferro, conceptualised in accordance with the style of the hotel, its surroundings and the city of Zagreb.

Le Premier has definitely set its purpose to continue surprising its local and foreign guests with innovative offers that are yet to come.

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