Internship at the US Embassy in Zagreb

Since my first day interning at the US Embassy in Zagreb, with confidence I was able to conduct the tasks asked of me. I must acknowledge that much of this self-assurance stems from the previous knowledge and experience I gained during my studies.

The work conducted at the Department in Commerce directly relates to many of the classes offered at my school. The main goal of the Department is providing consulting services to American companies wishing to expand into the Croatian market, as well as providing US companies with commercial diplomacy services. On a daily basis I am in direct contact with potential clients and I cannot emphasize enough how greatly the knowledge gained from prof. Turcinovic’s Communication Skills class contributed to the efficacy of my work. It trained me how to properly listen, understand, persuade and negotiate with clients to achieve maximum results. Taking Art of Diplomacy deepened my understanding of Embassy protocol and hierarchy, enabling me to arrive well prepared, with a full understanding of how diplomatic missions function. And finally, taking Micro- and Macroeconomics classes enabled my understanding of economic processes and highlighted the importance of bringing in new businesses and what impact that has on the economy.

I truly believe that, thanks to my rich educational background provided by Libertas International University in Dubrovnik and its professors, I am able to successfully conduct my work here at the Embassy and for this I am most grateful.

Petra Matić, student

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