Ruben D. Zilberboim, student – Part 1: Last year

Author: Ruben D. Zilberboim



That is it! The time has come. Today I can start the countdown to graduation. Time really flies by. Who would have thought that years would pass so fast?

Arriving again to the magical place that’s called Dubrovnik, the Pearl of the Adriatic. The ride from the airport to Old Town, Dubrovnik is like a take from a movie – an amazing view, where on your left is the Adriatic Sea, on your right a beautiful valley and mountain, and just beyond reach, on the other side of the mountain, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Moving back to the road…

On the way home, while sitting in the hot car on the 19th of September, surprise surprise, summer is not over yet in Dubrovnik. Even from a distance I can see that the city is so alive with so many people enjoying the perfect weather.

At the same time of course the thought crosses my mind – how is everybody at school and how are the new API students? How many API students for this semester? API stands for Academic Programs International and at Libertas International University Dubrovnik usually have API study abroad students from the USA.

Ok need to finish here for now, I am finally almost home after not being here for three months. I need to organize and get ready for the University since the time for the first class has come… and I will keep you updated!

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