A lecture held by professor Rachid Chamoun, Ph.D. from Lebanese American University from Byblos

On Monday 6 May 2019, Libertas International University welcomed Professor Rachid Chamoun from the Lebanese American University in Byblos, Lebanon, also the director of LAU-Louis Cardahi Foundation in Byblos and president of the Phoenicians’ Route, a certified Cultural Route of the Council of Europe (https://fenici.net/en). Professor Chamoun held a lecture titled “Intercultural Dialogue: Interplay of History and Geography” for 2nd and 3rd year students of Tourism and Hotel Management, as well as 1st year students of International Relations and Diplomacy. Professor highlighted the composite cultural identity of Lebanon, comprising several layers of civilizations, a cultural heritage old almost as humankind itself mixing Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences. In an interesting presentation Mr Chamoun used his own image to illustrate how the cultural image of the Lebanese people changed throughout the centuries, their multidimensional identity combining Hittite, Ancient Egyptian, Phoenician, Middle Eastern, Greek, Roman and Byzantine elements.

Our university has been a member of the Phoenicians’ Cultural Route of the Council of Europe since 2017 and the Republic of Croatia joined this prestigious international organization precisely due to the scientific and international efforts of our staff and students. In October 2018, Libertas also hosted the 11th conference on Euro-Mediterranean intercultural dialogue, dealing with the Phoenicians’ Route. This visit by Professor Chamoun is a further step in our collaboration with international experts.

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