News and events

  • The beginning of the new academic year in Dubrovnik

    Libertas International University in Dubrovnikstarted with the new academic year this week. Professor Milan Perić warmly welcomed all new students who decided to educate themselves for their future careers at Libertas International University in Dubrovnik, wishing them a pleasant and successful start to the academic year. This year, the university was joined by students from […]

  • Dag Hammarksjöld Business School becomes part of Libertas University

    Dag Hammarskjöld Business School of International Relations and Diplomacy became part of Libertas University On August 6, 2019, representatives of Dag Hammarksjöld Business School and Libertas University signed a contract under which Dag Hammarksjöld will become part of Libertas University from this fall. All students and staff of the  Dag Hammarksjöld School will continue their […]

  • Professor emeritus Ana Stavljenić-Rukavina, PhD received the Life Work Prize

    Professor emeritus Ana Stavljenić-Rukavina received the Life Work Prize awarded by the Croatian Chamber of Medical Biochemists. The award was received as a recognition for the extraordinary effort invested in the work of the Chamber since its foundation until today. Prof. Stavljenić-Rukavina is one of the founders of the Croatian Chamber of Medical Biotechnicians and […]

  • Our students won the first place at Case Study Competition 2019.!

    Case Study Competition is the leading regional competition in solving real business cases with which an enterprise has met or predicts to meet and is intended for students of various interests. It is held annually in the organization of the Student Association e-Student, and the Libertas students have already tried several times in the competition […]

  • Call for Applications for Erasmus+ Internships at the University of Almeria

    The University of Almería has launched a Call for Applications for Erasmus+ Internships, offering internships opportunities for students and recent graduates in the International Office, the Research Results Transfer Office and the Rector’s Office. Please, find the details attached. The deadline for applications is 15th June and the successful candidates should start by middle September […]

  • A lecture held by professor Rachid Chamoun, Ph.D. from Lebanese American University from Byblos

    On Monday 6 May 2019, Libertas International University welcomed Professor Rachid Chamoun from the Lebanese American University in Byblos, Lebanon, also the director of LAU-Louis Cardahi Foundation in Byblos and president of the Phoenicians’ Route, a certified Cultural Route of the Council of Europe ( Professor Chamoun held a lecture titled “Intercultural Dialogue: Interplay of […]

  • Interview with professor Ivan Grdešić, a new full professor at the International Relations and Diplomacy Studies

    Libertas International University has been awarded with a new teacher at the International Relations and Diplomacy study programme. For this interview, Professor Grdešić shared with us his current experience and career knowledge and announced what he will teach and what the students can expect in his lectures. Also he shared his tips for those who […]

  • Libertas is one of 10 Croatian universities

    There are 10 universities in Croatia, 8 public and 2 private – Libertas International University and the Croatian Catholic University. All other higher education institutions are colleges of applied sciences, polytechnics or business schools. 1. University of Zagreb 2. Libertas International University (Zagreb) 3. Croatian Catholic University (Zagreb) 4. J. J. Strossmayer University (Osijek) 5. […]