Quest project

QUEST promoting QUality intErnships in Sustainable Tourism and cultural heritage management is a KA220 – Cooperation partnerships in higher education project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme.

QUEST project aims at increasing HE students’ employability in the tourism sector, one of the fastest pacing sectors in terms of innovation and most afflicted by Covid-19 emergency.

There is a continuous challenge of developing students’ knowledge and employability attributes in two ways:
– the first is by embedding employability skills within curricula through supervised work experience
– the second is by building these into curricula through stand-alone skills-based training.

In order to do so the QUEST partnership will address students’ employability by analyzing skill gaps, developing a flexible long distance training program supported by innovative tools (QUEST project results) developed during the project, and conducting 5 blended mobility of students (for a total of 30 students) and a specific training of HEIs and company internship tutors to support students. On a parallel effort, QUEST will develop and implement new policies and a cooperation methodology to bring together the education and business sector to work increase the success of the methodology designed to enhance students’ employability.

The project will develop through 4 innovative project results:
1. a flexible learning programme: an innovative and skill-based programme for HE students that face the tourism sector labour market;
2. an e-learning platform and app: a unique platform for HE student, HEI trainers and organisations tutors that supports them all along the learning programme and work experience;
3. a QUEST policy and cooperation methodology: a cooperation agreement between HEIs and tourism organization in the Mediterranean area, supported by a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe;
4. a manual: a comprehensive publication summarizing QUEST methodology, learning programme, activities and results to support further exploitation.

Project’s partners:

  1. Libertas International University (Croatia) – LEAD BENEFICIARY
  2. The Phoenicians’ Routes with headquarters in Italy;
  3. Solin Tourist Board, Croatia;
  4. Timesis Srl, Italy;
  5. University of Malaga, Spain;
  6. Arte&Cia Gestión Cultural y Ocio, Spain;
  7. University of Nicosia, Cyprus;
  8. Larnaka Tourism Board, Cyprus.

Total Project duration: 36 Months (2021-2024)