Career Center

Career Center Libertas represents an independent organizational unit within Libertas International University. Its primary goal is connecting high school graduates with higher education, monitoring their progress and helping them acquire new knowledge and skills, while at the same time connecting them with the business organizations.

High school students are given the opportunity to get introduced with the operations of our university, our programs and learning methods and to experience student life before the formal admission to one of the programs. We also help high school students in choosing the most appropriate program for them, based on their personal interests and ambitions. In addition, they have an opportunity to attend a number of creative workshops and free preparation classes for the high school graduation exam, as well as applying for our stipend fund.

We support our students by following the development of their knowledge and skills during their education. As a part of our activities, we organize educational seminars and field studies and bring esteemed guest lecturers from the fields of economics, academia and politics. After graduating, students stay connected with Libertas family through our Alumni club.

Businesses around the country give our students an opportunity to participate in professional training and internships with a possibility of full time employment. Thanks to our successful cooperation with many different businesses and companies in Republic of Croatia, our students have an opportunity to find employment soon after graduating. In addition, these businesses have participated in the creation of our curriculum in order to connect the theory taught in the classroom with real life experiences and practices, making our students more competitive in the labor market.


Our mission is to support every student in the development of his/her individual potential during the education journey with a goal of accomplishing successful career after graduation, while at the same time remaining a part of Libertas family.


Our vision is to successfully direct and monitoring the careers of students through quality and professionalism in all business segments. The values on which we base our success are professionalism, quality, responsiveness, understanding the needs of students and identifying new trends in education and the labor market.

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For parents

Dear parents,

Decision about higher education program is one of the hardest and most important decisions in your child’s life. Our team at Libertas International University understands that it is not easy to pick “another home” for your child and to secure the finances for private education. We consider you to be our partners in educational process and we hope that you and your child will be more than satisfied at the end of this journey. We will do our best in order to offer the best possible experience to your child and to provide the added value that differentiates us from other higher education institutions in the country.

Please feel free to visit us before reaching a final decision. You will have a chance to see our offices, classrooms and to meet the professors and staff that will be working with your child during this journey. You can talk to us directly and discuss everything in detail, including the financing options.

For high school graduates

Preparatory classes for High School Graduation State Exam (Državna matura)

One of the main determinants of Libertas is to promote social responsibility. Libertas wants to connect high schools with higher education institutions and enable graduates to adopt and replicate the knowledge they acquired in high school. In addition, our goal is to prepare high school students to successfully pass the High School Graduation State Exam. Preparatory classes are available for the mandatory subjects on the State Exam (Croatian, English and Mathematics), and are carried out by professors with extensive experience in teaching.


Each year, Libertas International University awards scholarships to young and talented students who prove to be excellent in school, sports and other competitions and/or students who demonstrate the financial need and are not able to enroll in our programs without a financial assistance. Therefore, Libertas has established a scholarhip fund that totals 500 000 HRK and it is intended for undergraduate students in all programs. Through these scholarships, a large number of students will have an opportunity to acquire a superior education that provides them with the possibility of building a successful business or academic career at home or abroad.

Scholarship will cover either a full tuition costs or partial tuition costs, and all high school graduates are eligible to apply for it.

Creative workshops

Libertas International University will be offering a series of different workshops to its students free of charge. The workshops will be organized during weekends so that all students who are interested can attend them. The goal of these workshops is to help students acquire new knowledge and skills needed in today’s labor market. Upon completing the series of workshops, a certificate will be issued. This could be a valuable addition to your CV and could serve as an advantage over other candidates when applying for various job positions in the future.