Journal of Philosophical Economics

Journal of Philosophical EconomicsJournal of Philosophical Economics: Reflections on Economic and Social Issues,

is an international  journal that Libertas International University publishes with the Bucharest University of Economic Studies and Rosetti International Publishing House.

J Phil Econ is one of a small number of scientific journals that is published by scientific institutions from to EU member states. Also, the Journal has an international editorial board with members from prestigious European and American universities, and it is indexed in important databases such as CSA Worldwide Political Science Abstracts, EconLit, Index Copernicus, The Philosophers Index, etc.

The Journal has a printed version and an open access online version, both of which are completely the same. The current issue, and all past issues are always available at

Acta Economica Et Turistica

acta_turistica_et_turisticaActa Economica Et Turistica,

Acta Economica Et Turistica is a scientific hournal that focuses mainly on the fields of economics and tourism, but also covers a broader spectrum of topics covered in the study programs at Libertas International University. The Journal was founded in 2015, and it comes out twice a year in a bilingual edition – Croatian and English. The founding and Editor-in-Chief is prof. dr. sc. Boris Vukonić. Papers published in the Journal can be found in secondary publications such as De Gruyter and Hrčak (Zagreb). More information on the Journal, together with published articles can be found at Hrcak -Portal of scientific journals of Croatia

Editor-in-Chief: Boris Vukonić
Assistent Editor-in-Chief: doc. dr. sc. Ivor Altaras Penda
Editorial Board:
Ante Babić, Association of Foreign Investment in Croatia, Zagreb, Croatia

Darko Polšek, Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb, Croatia

Davor Perkov, Libertas University

Dora Smolčić Jurdana, Faculty for Management in Tourism and Hospitality, Opatia, Croatia

Doris Peručić, University of Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Duško Pavlović, Libertas University, Zagreb, Cratia

Eduardo Fayos Sola, The Ulysses Foundation, Madrid, Spain

Egon Smeral, Modul University, Vienna, Austria

Geoff Wall, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada

Gordan Družić, Croatian Academy for Science and Art (HAZU), Zagreb, Croatia

Goroslav Keller, Libertas University, Zagreb, Croatia

Kaye Chon, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Hotel and Tourism Management, Hong Kong, China

Ksenija Keča, Business School Libertas, Zagreb, Croatia

Lidija Petrić, Faculty of Economics, Split, Croatia

Mato Bartoluci, Facullty of Economics, Zagreb University

Metin Kozak, Mugla University, Mugla, Turkey

Renata Tomljenović, Institute for Tourism, Zagreb, Croatia

Tanja Mihalič, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenija

Tomislav Presečen, National Bank of Croatia, Zagreb

Vuk Tvrtko Opačić, Faculty of Science, Zagreb, Croatia

Wieslaw Alejziak, Faculty of Tourism and Recreation, AWF, Krakow, Poland

For orders and subscriptions to the Journal you may contact (accounting 01/ 5633 111): Andrija Andročec, e: