Faculties and Schools

Faculty of International Relations and Diplomacy

The Faculty of International Relations and Diplomacy offers an interdisciplinary approach by combining academic excellence, cultural diversity and exchange, science and research. The courses offered in this study program involve various areas of international relations, diplomacy, comparative studies, international organizations, business and law, as international relations and diplomacy can only be understood through a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach.

School of International Relations and Diplomacy offers undergraduate and graduate study programs in International Relations and Diplomacy, and a joint doctoral program in International Relations with the University of Zadar, which is the only.

The role of Croatian diplomats in the past 500 years has been important in the development of Europe’s geostrategic space, which was caused by Croatia’s position on the faultline between East and West. Because of this, Croatian diplomats often played an important role in the relationships between the Venetians, the French and the Germans on one side, and the Ottomans on the other. The mention of Croatian diplomacy cannot go without the mention of the Republic of Dubrovnik, a formidable diplomatic force until its dissolution in 1815.

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At the Faculty of International Relations and Diplomacy we are reviving this old tradition of Croatian diplomacy. We are doing this with centers in Zagreb – the most heavily populated city, and Dubrovnik – the historical seat of Croatian diplomacy. The knowledge and skills acquired at the Faculty of International Relations and Diplomacy have broad applications, while the education of younger generations for work in diplomacy, international political, economic, humanitarian and other organizations, is imperative for the development of Croatian foreign policy, and the development of Croatian society in a time rising global challenges.

Faculty of International Business and Economics

The Faculty of International Business and Economics prepares students for professional positions in the global business environment by combining theoretical knowledge and various practical skills relevant for international business and economics. Students will gain a wide knowledge in business and develop problem solving skills and communication skills needed to succeed in the world of business.

As the issues in international economics and business expand in scope and complexity, it is of vital importance to educate new generations of leaders in the fields of politics, private sector and economics that possess a good understanding of economic concepts and the role of economic processes in international business. Indeed, in its Lisbon Agenda, the European Union has recognized that the primary way to increase competitiveness and growth in the global economic system is through education and knowledge. The example of the European Union has demonstrated that business people with good economic and business knowledge and skills are key factors in successful integration and performance in a common economic market.

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Labor markets in Eastern, Southern, and Southeastern Europe lack professionals possessing knowledge necessary to conduct business in new global markets. There are very few professionals in those labor markets who are specialized in international business. The Libertas undergraduate program in International Business and Economics aims at providing students with knowledge and skills that are essential in international markets, thus responding to the specific needs of companies dealing with international business and trade. The program is designed as a combination of theoretical understanding and practical knowledge, providing education that can be used in dealing with various professional challenges in international business and trade. Upon completion of the program, students will be equipped to work for companies conducting business in an international environment, institutions dealing with business analysis and consultancy in international economic affairs, as well as state and international organizations focusing on the international economy (particularly the WTO and the EU).

Instead of focusing on a particular skill or aspect of international business, Libertas International University offers unique study programs providing its students with an opportunity to study international business in an interesting, interactive and flexible environment. The main aim of this study program is to prepare students to succeed in the global market by increasing competitiveness of their companies and national economies, and to provide them with right skills that will help them shape their future careers in international organizations and the private sector.

Faculty of Health Sciences


The Faculty of Health Sciences at Libertas International University was formed with the task of preparing and carrying out programs for the development of professionals for work in the health system. Because of its complexity and the speed of technological development, the health system needs constant adjustment and innovation within study programs in order to produce much needed professional.

The goal of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Libertas International University is to prepare study programs for those jobs in the health system in which there is a lack of needed professionals who are able to combine theory and practical skills in clinical practice. The University coopearates with clinics and other universities in Croatia and the EU which have a vision for the development of innovative fields in biomedicine and health. During the course of the study program students develop their personal scientific competencies in the field of biomedicine and health, which enables them to critically evaluate new diagnostic methods, methocs of treating and caring for the beneficients of health services, and the translation of scientific knowledge into clinical practice. An interdisciplinary approach and a groad radius of elective courses enable students to form their professional profiles in order to work in health systems throughout the EU.

The quality of health interventions and the safety of the patient have become an important factor in the health system die to the remarkable development of new innovative methods, and due to the need to apply them rationally and safely into practice. The postgraduate study program in Quality Management in Health at Libetas is the first program of its kind in Southeast Europe. The main focus of the program is to prepare leading experts for establishing, managing, insuring and researcjing the quality of service in health institutions, agencies and the administration responsible for organizing and financing the health system.

Faculty of Film and Performing Arts

The power of words and verbal expression does not lie solely in their meanings but is hidden in their sounds, accents and a quantitative dimension of words and sentences. By acquiring needed knowledge and skills students will communicate more skillfully and address their target audience more efficiently. This course offers knowledge and skills necessary not only for people who would like to start a career in acting, but also for those whose professional life will be connected with politics, diplomacy, journalism, broadcast presenting, media relations and business communication in general.

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The teaching staff of the Acting study program involves top experts such as Branka Cvitković, Dragan Despot, and Žarko Potočnjak. It is not enough to have enthusiasm and talent; future actors also need other skills that can be mastered in acting classes at Libertas. First, they will study acting, which includes speech and movement as the main elements actors use to express themselves on the stage. Next, actors should also possess a basic knowledge of music in order to be able to meet the demands of a play, such as singing or playing an instrument. In order to be able to work on the texts from different historical and style periods, students will be provided with an insight into the history of drama and theatre, and the analysis of dramatic texts. The theatre being a living and dynamic organism, students will also need to gain an understanding of theatrical work organization. Through all this, the study will enable every student to develop a complete and versatile personality as an actor.

Upon completion of the study program, students will be able to choose a medium that best suits their needs, and where they can fully express their artistic talents.

Libertas Business School

Libertas Business School educates students in study programs according to the 3+2 model, which means the years (180 ECTS) of undergraduate studies and two years (120 ECTS) of specialist gradueate studies.

Libertas follows the needs of the economy and creates study programs whose graduates will have the best chances on the work market, which has shown a high employment rate among our graduates. The interest that many companies have shown for educating their employees at Libertas shows that the study programs are up to date. Many companies and institutions in the fields of trade, banking, insurance and finance give scholarships to their employees to study at Libertas Business School, while a large number of financial institutions, trade companies, transport companies, insurance companies and several large Croatian corporations have signed contracts with Libertas, insuring their cooperation and enabling professional development and practice for our students in their companies. This type of cooperation with economic subjects enables students to study and attain professional knowledge directly through practice, but it also gives them an opportunity for fast employment after graduation, because our partners have the opportunity to offer jobs to the best of our students even before they graduate.

Libertas conducts the education process through an original and innovative approach to acquiring knowledge, the quality of which has been demonstrated though the connection between stury programs and the direct needs of the economy, but also with contemporary professional and scientific breakthroughs. The professional undergraduate and graduate studies a based on the acquisition of operational knowledge and skills which fit the programs of professional higher education institutions abroad.

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Studying according to the ECTS system enables student mobility at home and abroad. Our contemporary study programs are modeled after the best study standards and programs from the best higher education institutions in Europe and the US. This enables two-way mobility, especially since professors at Libertas can teach in English and other foreign languages and since students are proficient in English, which is a mandartory course at Libetras.

Libertas Business School has top professors, and engages in cooperation with professionals as guest lecturers, which gives our classes a combination of theory and contemporary operational elements in business.

Libertas Business Schools gives scholarships every year to the most talented high-school graduates who could not otherwise study at a private education institution. Along these scholarships, the most successful student are given special awards for their study achievements. All of this enables our students to continue their education in one of Libetras’ university programs after they are done with their professional education, meaning that they are able to acqire a PhD. Througout this entire process we offer a stimulative professional and scientific environment, a rich student life and the opportunity for added value thorough social networking. We are especially proud of the activities that take place in our highly advanced classrooms and cabinets.

The professional study programs that we offer in Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Kutina are: the Undergraduate study programs in Business Economics, Tourism and Hotel Management, Management of Sports, Management of Business Security; and our Specialist Graduate study programs in Management of Banking, Insurance and Finance, Management of domestic and International Trade, and Tourism and Hotel Management. Our professional undergraduate programs educate professionals with the goal of enabling them to quickly take on operative jobs in the economy.