Undergraduate study programmes at Libertas International University

International Relations (Diplomacy)
  • International Relations (Diplomacy)

    Undergraduate degree in International Relations (Diplomacy) is the only undergraduate university program of this kind in the Republic of Croatia. There is a great need for adequate educated workforce in this field in Croatia and it is really important to emphasize that due to the demand for educated young experts in international relations, all students of the first generation enrolled at our university (class 2012) has prestigious job positions in diplomatic and consular missions of the Republic of Croatia around the world and at institutions of European Union.
    Upon graduating from this program, students can continue their higher education and enroll in our graduate program of International Relations and Diplomacy in two different locations (Dubrovnik campus – classes taught in English, Zagreb campus – classes taught in Croatian).

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Sports Management
  • Sports Management

    The study programmeme in Sports Management prepares students to become management experts in various sport professions and support services in sports, recreation and tourism.

    Upon completion of this study programmeme our students will become highly skilled professionals, able to manage business activities in all sports professions, and ensure high quality that will be recognized in Europe and the rest of the world.


International Business
  • International Business

    International business is one of the most dynamic and interesting fields of the today’s world. Undergraduate degree in International business is designed to help students gain knowledge and develop skills crucial for the operations in the international markets.

    Job positions in this field are one of the most wanted in the labor market since in addition to being well paid, employees in this field have a chance to see and meet the whole world.

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Tourism and Hotel Management

  • Tourism and Hotel Management

    The undergraduate programme in Tourism and Hotel management is a modern and attractive study programme, aimed at all those who recognise tourism and hospitality as the growing and prominent branch of the Croatian economy. One of the main advantages of the programme is the orientation of its courses toward practical contents taught by its teachers, renowned Croatian experts and economists.

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Business Economics

  • Business Economics

    The study programme in Business Economics offers high quality professional education in all areas of business economics, and helps students develop skills and abilities through real-world examples of different business issues, practical classes, and project work. In course of their studies, students will acquire knowledge that meets the needs of the contemporary economy, and the expertise that provides competitive advantage that will help them find jobs easily. A three-year study programme in Business Economics provides an excellent foundation for further education in graduate study programmes.

Business Security Management
  • Business Security Management

    The study programme in Business Security Management has been designed in cooperation with Sigurnost Educa, a private educational institution which offers programmes and training in security and protection. This study programme provides education for future professionals in security and protection, primarily in business, but also in other areas. This is the first and so far the only such a study program in Croatia.


  • Studij glume Preddiplomski

  • Acting

    The teaching staff of the Acting study programme involves top experts such as Branka Cvitković, Dragan Despot, Žarko Potočnjak and others. It is not enough to have enthusiasm and talent; future actors also need other skills that can be mastered in acting classes at Libertas. First, they will study acting, which includes speech and movement as the main elements actors use to express themselves on the stage. Next, actors should also possess a basic knowledge of music in order to be able to meet the demands of a play.


Graduate and postgraduate study programmes

Graduate study

International Relations and Diplomacy

  • International Relations and Diplomacy

    Thanks to their partnership and through cooperation with the world’s leading universities, Libertas and the University of Zadar are the first institutions in Croatia that offer a graduate study programme in International Relations and Diplomacy, and thus provide students from Croatia and abroad with education in several academic disciplines of international relations and diplomacy. The graduate study programme has been designed in accordance with the programmes of other international universities. Students can enroll in the graduate study programme in Dubrovnik (in English), or in Zagreb (in Croatian).

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Tourism and Hotel Management

  • Tourism and Hotel Management

    The study programme enables students to continue their education and specialisation after receiving their Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Hotel Management, or in other related undergraduate professional study programmes from other higher education institutions.
    The specialist graduate study programme completes the global and local image of the surrounding in which tourism traffic takes place and related economic sectors are developed. The students are competent in organisation, preparation, planning and managing in the field of tourism and hospitality.

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Banking, Insurance and Financial Management

  • Banking, Insurance and Financial Management

    The aim of this study programme is to familiarise students with various areas of finance, banking and insurance, financial markets mechanisms, investment funds, and other financial institutions. There is a strong focus on the area of commercial banking and insurance, and their importance for the economy and financial systems. Students will acquire knowledge and techniques needed to be successful at work in banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions and departments.


Domestic and International Trade Management

  • Domestic and International Trade Management

    The study programme examines various issues in domestic and international trade, and provides students with skills and competence needed to organise, prepare and make a deal in international trade, and for strategic planning and management in domestic and international trade. The programme covers all areas of management, at the same time focusing on the key functions of trading companies, like sales, purchasing, and storage. Students will acquire key concepts, knowledge, methodology and practices which help companies gain a competitive advantage on the global market.


Postgraduate study

  • International Relations (Doctoral study program)

    Doctoral study program in International Relations is organized in cooperation with the University of Zadar. The postgraduate doctoral study programme in International Relations aims at educating highly qualified scientists and professionals in international relations, whose occupations require interdisciplinary knowledge, competences and skills in order to deal with the complexity of a contemporary international environment.


  • Quality Management in Healthcare (Postgraduate specialist study program)

    The postgraduate study programme introduces students to the biggest global health issues, ways to organize healthcare institutions, and to set up efficient quality management systems in particular, in all areas of healthcare. Students will learn how to develop and introduce measures aiming at improving the quality and the process of accreditation of healthcare institutions.


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